Why I need to invest, why don’t you mine yourself?

We do mine ourselves as well, unfortunately, our capital is limited, and more funds mean more mining equipment, therefore, more profits are involved for both, you as an investor and for us as a company.

Where is your mining equipment located?

Our mining equipment is located in Sweden, where our HQ is also based. Unfortunately, due to our software protection, we are not in a position to disclose the exact location.

What equipment are you using?

We are using Bitmain’s S17 and S17+ which were later custom built by our dedicated team of engineers. This is why our mining power is larger than the nominal mining power of S17 and S17+.

Why are you better than others?

We have you covered as no other company does, if Bitcoin price is dropping and you think mining will utilize losses, our custom-built AI specially made for trading cryptocurrencies comes in action. The AI has performed and achieved great results in the past. And we are constantly working on it and upgrading it, adjusting it to the current market conditions.

Why do I have an affiliate code once I register, what to do with it?

The affiliate code is yours to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email. This is a good way for you to earn additional passive income.

How can you guarantee your returns?

By mining the most valuable crypto, Bitcoin, and by trading the Bitcoin Futures and CFD contracts. This has shown great results from the time we started, in 2017.

Are my funds protected?

Yes, they are. We got you covered with a contract as soon as you decide to join. Also, we have set all our clients' funds into a separate bank account so in case of any unwanted scenarios, all clients will be compensated accordingly, to the amount of their initial deposit.

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