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We are changing the future of Bitcoin Mining

Our award-winning solutions and innovations are game changers in the mining world.

Crypto Currency Mining

Crypto-currency mining


We have optimized our equipment to be the most efficient when mining Bitcoin.

Award-winning technology

We are proud that our award-winning mining technology has made us the most efficient company in the Bitcoin mining business.

Stable Income

Acquiring one of the mining packages will grant you a stable income of Bitcoin daily.

Funds Management

funds management

Account Manager

Your Account Manager will help you manage your funds, and assist you in every step of the process if you are new to Bitcoin.

Withdrawals & Compounding

You can choose to receive your profits daily, monthly, or to have them compounded, to increase your profits in the long run.


You can withdraw your initial deposit early in case of an emergency; refer to your Account Manager or our Customer Support to process your withdrawal.

Ease of Access

ease of access

Simple & Quick

Our system is designed to be simple and quick to navigate. In case you ever have any issues, feel free to use the “Chat Now” function in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Ask away!

We are well aware that a lot of our clients are new to this business, so feel free to ask away! We are more than happy to help you learn.

Detailed Instructions

You will get step-by-step instructions for every part of your journey if needed. We will teach you how to use all the features of crypto-currencies.


24//7 support

LiveChat support

You can talk to our trained staff using the “Chat Now” function in the bottom right corner of our website. Feel free to inquire about anything you may need! They are at your disposal 24/7!

Personal Account Manger

Every client or affiliate will have an Account Manager that can assist them in making their financial decisions or long-term plans.

Customer Support

In case you would like to send an extensive inquiry or file a request for some additional information, you can email us at support@quantummining.tech

About us

Quantum Mining company came to existence in 2017 at the technological hub of Scandinavia, Sweden.

Quantum Mining is a cryptocurrency mining company, which implements cutting-edge technologies, with the quantum algorithms being at the heart of it. We are proud to say that we are revolutionizing the industry, combining AI trading and crypto-mining to create a business model that yields higher profitability for the same hardware used.

The main goal of Quantum Mining is to be the pioneer in implementing new technologies to reinvent the crypto mining and trading businesses.

Quantum Team

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson

Owner & CEO
Amos Goldschmidt

Amos Goldschmidt

Chief Financial Officer
Vilgot Larsson

Vilgot Larsson

Technical Director
Johnatan Gates

Johnatan Gates

Head of R&D
Jing Zhangfei

Jing Zhangfei

Head of Mining Operations
rig room

Our Technology


Using our custom-built mining equipment optimized for mining Bitcoin, we are revolutionizing this industry. Each machine is modified to maximize the mining power output and efficiency. We have achieved this by over-clocking the hardware and using liquid-nitrogen cooling systems.


What makes Quantum Mining company unique, and what gives us the edge in this business are quantum algorithms, designed to solve computational problems when mining, and earn Bitcoin. With quantum algorithms at the heart of it, we have developed an embedded software that is implemented into every mining machine owned by Quantum Mining company.

End Product

This combination of custom-built hardware and unique embedded software, we have managed to increase the total mining output of our machines by up to 250% of the nominal value of the hardware available for general purchase.

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